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Senior Yearbook Ads


Dear Parents:

It’s hard to believe, but in just a few short months, your child’s stay at Rogers High School will be nothing more than a memory. Senior Ads are a tradition among graduating students that let them know how much they are cared for. Your recognition ad will be printed and remembered forever. By purchasing a space in the back of the book you can tell your child how special he or she is with your own pictures and in your own words. Making your ad is simple.  

Just fill out the personal ad information form. Email your pictures and message or drop off your materials in the front office with my name on it (Leslie Jurgensmeyer). Please make checks payable to RHS Yearbook.  Materials need to be received by Dec. 2 in order for ads to be finalized by Christmas break.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section, or contact Leslie Jurgensmeyer at or at 

You must reserve your ad with a down payment by December 2 to reserve your spot. All ads must be finalized by the end of the semester.  

Prices:                                B/W                    COLOR Full page $300                  $400              

½ page $200             $275

¼ page                          $100                   $175



Do I have to type my text?

No. you may hand write your text, however, it may be more clear to attach a typed copy of the text you’d like to include with your ad.  All writing will be recreated AS IT IS WRITTEN, so legible writing or copies of text are preferred.

If the yearbook doesn’t come out until the end of the year, why do I need to submit this so early?

The yearbook is created all throughout the year. Many schools need to get pages in as early as November and need your ads to help them reach the deadline of pages to be submitted.


Will I receive my photos back?

Yes. Your photos will be kept in a safe place until your ad is created. You may pick them up when your ad is finalized. We cannot mail photos back to you.  

When do I pay for my ad?

                A down payment of half the amount is due when the ad is submitted. The remaining half is

            due before your child can pick up his/her yearbook, usually the first week of May. We will send

           home invoices in March to remind you. 

May I submit my photos electronically?

Yes and no—if the picture was taken by a professional photographer, it will be okay to email the pictures to us.

Most cell phone pictures (depending on the model) are not taken at a high enough resolution to be used digitally in the book. You may print those out, and we can scan them. We can scan any of your hard copy photos for the ad.