School Facts

Rogers High School

Quick Facts


Mountaineers (Nickname: Mounties)
Royal Blue and White
Feeder Schools: 
Elmwood Middle School 
Kirksey Middle School
2041 Students
9th-12th Grade
Lewis Villines

Vice Principals: 
Paul Wilson
Lynsey Reynolds

Tricia Murray
Charlie Abernathy
Lisa Williams


The Foundation of Rogers High School


Our Mission: The mission of Rogers Public Schools is to provide an environment of educational excellence where all belong, all learn, and all succeed.


Our Vision: Rogers High School will collaborate as a learning community to prepare all students for success.


As a Result of That Commitment:

  • The school will provide a guaranteed, viable curriculum with essential learning defined for each subject.
  • The school works to provide opportunities for students to learn by developing high levels of thinking skills for all students in all curricular areas.
  • The school works with students by personalizing instruction.
  • The school works collaboratively and respectfully together with a data driven focus on student learning.
  • The school works to engage students in relevant learning focused on students’ interests and learning styles.

Our Collective Commitments: 

  • I will put students first.
  • I will promote excellence through continuous improvement.
  • I will promote respect for human differences.
  • I will promote the development of character through integrity, responsibility, and fairness.